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Customer Satisfaction
& Loyalty

Understand and manage the drivers of customer satisfaction and loyalty, and increase customer retention.


Build a Loyal Customer Base

Loyal customers spend more, buy more often, are less price-sensitive, file fewer complaints, and serve as valuable brand ambassadors. But, loyalty must be earned.

Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty Analysis shows you how strong your customer relationships are, how they compare to the competition, and concrete measures you can take to improve customer satisfaction.

what we measure


Net Promoter Score (NPS)

We’ll show you the NPS breakdown of your customers - Promoters, Neutrals, and Detractors - and provide concrete recommendations for improvement against your own numbers and industry benchmarks.


Retention & Loyalty

How many of your customers are repeat buyers, or will be in the future? This is important, but it’s only part of the issue. We answer the “Why?” question. What motivates people to buy from you? What makes them willing to recommend? How do they perceive your brand and their experience with it? How can you improve?


Overall Satisfaction

Unsatisfied customers will seek alternatives - it’s a fact. We go in-depth, measuring likeability, strengths and weaknesses, satisfaction with overall customer experience, and more. You receive detailed diagnostics on why customers stay loyal to your brand and, more importantly, why they leave.

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Head of Consumer Marketing, Google CEE

"response:now provides us with quick, professional, in-depth, market research and analysis. We have demanding marketing and business goals at Google. response:now allows us to pinpoint where we are currently with our consumers and on what trajectory. We use this insight to define our strategy and make ongoing adjustments to it, in order to take us towards these goals. I use response:now to conduct the rapid research and analysis I need to understand and improve my target areas: market segmentation, go-to-market strategy, product development, and commercial performance."

Tomas Dolezal
Marketing manager, Mastercard

"We started our collaboration with response:now about six months ago. So far, they have provided us nothing but effective, quick, thorough, and in-depth research and market analysis. We use response:now for quick online research to get insights that shape our thinking about our upcoming campaigns and their respective audiences. Together with their professional and proactive attitude, I can fully recommend response:now for any type of market research or analysis."

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Response:Now client Mastercard
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Response:Now client McCann
Response:Now client Raiffeisen

Loyal Customers = Business Success

There are volumes of independent academic and commercial research confirming the strong correlation between customer loyalty and business performance. With Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty research from response:now, you’ll have the data you need to stop churn and retention decline and start building a loyal - and more profitable - customer base.

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